About Us


We are a corporate body of Christ, joining together in faith, outreach, spiritual obedience, and discipleship.

We believe the Word that was taught 2,000 years ago is still as valid today.

Our History

We come from two former churches, each with a strong heritage tied directly to Wellsville’s. One was Methodist Epicopal (Wellsville First) and the other Methodist Protestant (Central).

Our congregations decided that we could make a greater impact for Christ in this world as one, focused church. 

Our Future

Our plan has two parts – to unite and focus our energies, and to build a new meeting house at 901 Commerce Street. 

Our goal is to be the sharp edge of the sword, making disciples, energizing believers’ faith, and equipping families to stand against the apathy to which the world leads us.


The Body of Christ is made up of churches, just like ours, which in turn are made up of — YOU!

The church steps forward when its believers step forward. Waiting for the church to do something amazing? Stop waiting… and join the effort!

Garrison Keilor